New Fire Engine

If you haven’t been to Kachelmacher Park lately stop by and you’ll notice the new fire engine has been installed! Thank you to the workers of the City of Logan who are working hard on the park this month!

Fire Truck

Equipment Painting

These little guys need some love! The metal ride on toys need sanded, primed, and painted. Come show your artistic side! I bet little piggy would even let you put your initials on him if you fix him up nice! This project is not yet funded or have any volunteers, contact us if you can help!

Basketball Court

A Canadian study in 2009 showed that children who live within a 1/2 mile of a park were 60% more likely to engage in walking and physical activity. We have a vision of placing a basketball court where the existing unused horseshoe pits are located. A full size NCAA court measures 94’x50′. This project would involve grading the area, pouring concrete or asphalt, and installing 2 basketball hoops. This project has been approved by the city but is not currently funded or have any volunteers. If you know a contractor that can help with any aspect of the project please encourage them to contact us!
Horseshoe Pit
Basketball Court

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The bathrooms are in need of some minor repairs, cleaning, and paint. Please contact us if you can help!





Stump Removal

These stumps are unsightly and a trip hazard! There are two of these stumps and if you or someone you know can remove these, please contact us!

Soccer Field

What better way to enjoy a sunny day than a pick up game of soccer? All we need is a couple goals. We are looking for youth size goals that can be easily moved if necessary. Please contact us if you or your organization have used goals that can be donated toward this project.

Cooking Grills

The grills are literally falling apart! As they break they are being removed and not replaced. Jim Robinson and the Logan High School welding class have offered to try and build some new grills. Please contact Jim Robinson at the Logan High School if you can offer assistance in material, cutting or welding.

Swing sets

The swing sets are in need of paint and sand or woodchips to protect children in case of a fall. This project is not yet funded or volunteered for. Please contact us or Donate today!

93 S Bridge

Under the 93 S bridge, from the overflow parking lot to Kachelmacher there is graffiti that needs removed/covered up. This project currently is not funded or have volunteers yet. Please contact us if you are willing to help.


Parking Lot

The parking lot is being cleaned up and new gravel put down. This project is fully funded by the City of Logan and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.