Nils Louis Christian Kachelmacher

Known as the Norwegian Count, Nils Louis Christian Kachelmacher was born in Oslo, Norway of wealthy parentage. He immigrated to the United States at age 21 and was responsible for industrial growth in the Hocking Valley and expansion of the town of Logan. As president of the Columbus and Hocking Coal & Iron Company, Kachelmacher pioneered oil fields and developed holdings in iron, natural gas, and coal. He also directed the construction of the Greendale Brick plant, once considered the world’s largest brick producer. He died in 1917, bequeathing 10 acres of land to be used solely as a public park. He also established a trust to create an institution “solely to research the cure, prevention, and relief of varicose veins.” He once said, “It is my belief that each person should endeavor to make the world a little better because he lived and worked in it.”

– Text from the Ohio Historical Marker

Death of N.L.C. Kachelmacher

“Word of the death of Nils Louis Christian Kachelmacher, millionaire iron, coal and aoil operator, was received in Columbus from Philadelphia late last week. The late Mr. Kachelmacher was well know in Columbus, having been located here several years ago, as president of the Columbus & Hocking C. & I. Co. He was a pioneer on the development of oil lands, on a large scale, in the Perry and Hocking County districts, and was president of many companies, including the Continental, Hocking, Hemlock and others. He was also chairman of the directors of the Bessie Furnace Co., New Straitsville, Ohio. Death was due to a peculiar malady, described by physicians as resulting from the weakening of the walls of the esophagus, making the acquisition of nourishment nearly impossible, at the last. An operation by Dr. Mayo of the famous Mayo brothers, surgeons, Rochester, Minn., failed to check the ailment.”

– Passage from Coal and Coal Trade Journal by J.W.L.


Photo courtesy of via Dave Davisson